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Nim is a puzzle platform game set in a tree top environment where you play as a spirit of the forest that aim to bring balance to it by reviving the Tree of Life. 

The game features a Hook and Tethering mechanic where the player can hook objects and tether them to other points in the environment in order to traverse the puzzles. 

This was our Futuregames Game Project 2 made in Unreal Engine 4. The rights to the game are owned by Futuregames and Changemaker Educations.


John Walden - Design / Sound
Hampus Gogolos - Design
Alexander Flodén - Design - https://alexanderfloden.com
Jon Lundqvist - 2D - https://jon_lundqvist.artstation.com/
Madeleine Fjäll - 2D
Emil Rönnlund - Animations
Sabina Byström - 3D
Jacob Stenberg - VFX - https://www.artstation.com/jacobstenberg
Fredrik Gard - 3D
Mattia Casamenti - Programming
Kasper Lindmark - Programming
Niklas Granskog - Programming

Install instructions

- Unpack the .rar file with a extraction program of your choice such as WinRar or Winzip. 

- Run the Nim.exe under the folder


Nim - Win64 - 10Apr 15.24.rar 941 MB

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