A downloadable game for Windows

Junkyard Bash is a 1-4 player split-screen physica based racing game, set in a sci-fi junkyard out on a far distance planet. 

The players take control over one of the four different characters and race down a wacky scrappy racetrack while trying to bash the opponents off the track and be the first one to reach the finish line! 

The game was made at Futuregames in a 2 week Unreal Engine 4 Project. The rights to the game is owned by Futuregames and Changemaker Educations. 


Alexander Flodén - https://alexanderfloden.com
Karl Mötberg
Malin Wong - https://malin-wong.com
Björn Degerstedt
David Dessantis
Jacob Stenberg - https://www.artstation.com/jacobstenberg
Kevin Fransson
Embla Fröberg
Lovisa Pärli


Junkyard Bash - Win64 - 13Okt 2019.rar 294 MB

Install instructions

-Download the .rar file and extract the folder.
-Then run the executable inside that folder.
-Xbox or Playstation Controllers is recommended


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Great graphics. Wish I had friends to play this with lol.

Deleted 4 years ago