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This game is really great and I love the concept with the Shadow Wolf.
I hope we can look forward to more levels.
Many thanks

Thanks Alot! Yea the concept has some nice potential if you can get more interesting puzzle components in as well as moveable light sources which would change the shadows etc. 

This was our first UE4 game back in 2016 so unfortunately i don't think we will pick this up again.

But if you like the concept then check out Lost in Shadow for Wii where you control a shadow as well as the environment, kind of a hidden gem. 

Thank's for your answer, but I do not buy anything from nintendo anymore.

Nice idea!

The shadow often falls down too far on the first obstacle, seems like a glitch.

yeah i noticed this in the video below but haven't been able to replicate this myself. I think it might happen because of low frame rate which causes collision clipping. 

I made a new build with latest UE4, hoping it has more reliable collision detection :)

Thanks for letting us know!

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