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Project C is a Narrative Driven First-Person Puzzle Platformer with a Time Manipulation Mechanic that plays like a blend of PortalQuantum Conondrum and Braid which sees you solving Time and Physics-based puzzles by Slowing, Pausing and Rewinding Time. 

The game takes place in Ancient mysterious Ruins on a great Mountain.  Its First Section is complete with 14 Levels designed to naturally teach the player the Mechanics and Components of the game while keeping both their wits and skills challenged. 

The game has an auto save feature so if you cannot play through it in one sitting you can always continue later. 

The game has come a long way in terms of its Design and Tech. However, much is still missing so all of the Art, VFX, Animations, SFX and Music should be considered as placeholders, so try to play the game with a bit of an imagination of how it could look :)

Full Play Through of the game: 

Highly Recommend playing the game first though since its more enjoyable to figure out the puzzles yourself. 

I'd be really grateful for any feedback here on itch or  if you could fill out this Qualitative Feedback Survey after you played it, it takes less than a minute! (If you feel like going the extra mile,  a video would be really valuable as well so I can see in detail how it went)

Install instructions

-Unpackage the .rar

-Open folder and Double Click the .exe file

-Requires Keyboard and Mouse with a Scroll Wheel


Project C - - Win64.rar 614 MB

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