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"The puzzle design can easily stand toe-to-toe with Valve’s puzzler, with time bending (and mind bending) puzzles that can often require you to think forwards and backwards in time simultaneously. It’s a remarkable bit of game design that constantly throws up surprises and Eureka moments. Highly recommended.
- Alpha Beta Gamer

Chronos is a First-Person Puzzle Platformer that plays like a blend of Portal, Quantum Conondrum and Superhot, which sees you solving time and physics based puzzles by Slowing, Pausing and Rewinding Time

The games first chapter is complete with 14 levels designed to naturally teach the player the mechanics and components of the game while keeping both their wits and skills challenged. The game highly encourages Speedrunning by showing the player their time after each level and giving them a Rank at the end. 

It features an Online Leaderboard of the Top 10 best times in the world.
You can play vs anyone in the leaderboards and get a comparison of your time after each level, to further encourage the speedrunning aspect of the game. 
Several of the levels also have alternate speedrunning solutions which are more difficult to do but give you better time. 

The game was nominated for Best Design and Best Technical Execution at The Swedish Game Awards 2017 and if I get a good response for the game I might continue working on it. Please leave a comment with your feedback!

Thanks to Siddharta Barnhoom for letting me use his Antichamber Soundtrack! 
This software is free and should not be used in any way to make money since it uses copyrighted material. 

Specs tested on that worked well: 
Win 7, 16GB Ram, GTX 750Ti, i7 
Win10, 8GB Ram, GTX840m, i7

Recommend having 8GB Ram and a pretty good processor. 

-The Gun in the game is simply a placeholder for a Time Manipulation Device and can not be used for shooting. 
-The Highscore names cannot use letters like ê, è, € etc. due to limitations with the online Highscore service. If using invalid letters the Highscore won't get uploaded. I've blocked all letters I could find that was invalid but there might be more on other languages. So please use simple letters at the highscore screen like Alex_Floden.

If you like the game you can view my other games and a Developer Commentary video at my Portfolio.

Install instructions

Extract the packaged file, open the folder and double click on Chronos.


Chronos (Mac - 1.0).zip 330 MB
Chronos (Win64 - 1.2).rar 259 MB


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Superb work! I really enjoyed this. Will there be more?

(2 edits)

Thanks, that means alot! :)
Most likely not, i still have so much to learn when it comes to c++ etc and want to spend time learning it so i can get a job.
Maaybe sometime in the future when i have a job and if i come up with a good story.

*I have started working on it again and has a new setting, artstyle and story and team that will help me remake it so hopefully you'll see more of it shortly :)